Customer Care Program

At Conns Cameras we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and personal service both before and after a sale. Two of the most important parts of this are the 'Try Before You Buy' scheme and our Conns 'Gilt Edge Guarantee' which covers all cameras and lenses purchased new or second hand.

Conns Gilt-Edge Guarantee

  • Free same-day dry-dust sensor cleaning for the life of your Interchangle Lens (dSLR or Mirrorless) Camera
  • Reliable In-house wet-dust sensor cleaning by a specialised technician.
    • One wet-dust sensor clean free of charge by our in house technician
      (Models requiring factory servicing for dust issues are not covered)
  • Extensive loan fleet to cover you with a similar or better back-up item if your new camera / lens needs to be sent away for repair / servicing [covers both warranty repairs and non warranty issues]
    • Free of charge within a brand new item's warranty period or up to two years from the date of purchase
    • Used items are covered by a 6 month shop guarantee, and loan models can be provided free for this period only.
    • After these periods have passed only a weekend rental charge per item applies, irrespective of repair turn-around time

'Try Before You Buy' Scheme

You can avail of our extensive range of professional and non-professional hire equipment at very affordable rates any time you want to check out a new camera, lens or accessory in a real world situation, and if you then decide to buy that model we'll treat your hire fee as a deposit and knock it off the retail price!

  • Get the equipment you need for the job you're doing
  • Get the satisfaction of knowing it'll do the job before committing to a big purchase
  • Get a brand new boxed-up item if or when you decide to buy

One hire fee only allowed against purchase of same item - if it has been hired multiple times then the most expensive hire fee will count. For our rental rates and further information see the equipment rental section.

We Sell Only Certified European Stock

We deal only with stock that has been imported through official channels, and certified under strict EU safety standards. We do NOT sell potentially troublesome "Grey Import" stock. This means that all import duties due have been paid, and warranties are supported by manufacturers through their official european engineers (with whom we deal directly).

Click here for more info on the risks with Grey Import products

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