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Pocket-sized Digital Meter for Incident and Reflected Flash and Ambient Light Readings

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  • Smallest digital flash-meter for reflective and incident light readings in ambient or electronic flash lighting conditions
  • Exposures accurate down to a tenth-of-a-stop for both ambient and electronic flash light readings in full-stop mode. Meter can also display shutter-speeds and apertures in half or third-stop increments to mirror the exposure settings on your camera with a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 EV
  • At ISO 100, the ambient EV range is 0 to 19.9, flash f/stops range from f/1.4 to f/90.9 with a shutter-speed span of 60-seconds to 1/8000th-of-a-second (1 sec to 1/500th for flash). For cinema applications frame rates can be set from 8 to 128 frames-per-second. ISO sensitivity can be set from 3 to 8000 in third-stop increments
  • Pocket-sized, and easy to stow away. The L-308S measures 2.5"W x 4.3"H x 0.9"D (63mmW x 110mmH x 22mmD), and weighs in at 3.4 ounces (95g).
  • Includes Lumidisc with pouch, soft case, strap, synchro terminal cap, AA battery.

The pocket-sized Sekonic L-308S FLASHMATE is the smallest and lightest digital light meter in the Sekonic line-up. Designed to read ambient or flash exposures in either reflected or incident modes, the L-308S delivers accurate exposure readings in full, half, or third-stop increments to mirror the exposure displays of most popular cameras. When set to full-stop mode, exposures are displayed in tenth-stop increments with a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 EV.

Reflected readings capture at a light receiving angle of about 40-degrees, or slightly wider than the viewing field of a normal lens. For incident readings, a small, built-in Lumisphere slides over the silicon diode sensor. For flat-field incident readings, a Lumidisc (included) snaps over the sensor for metering flat artwork or measuring contrast and/or exposure ratios within a scene. Electronic flash exposures can be taken with or without a PC cord.

Exposure data is displayed on the LCD screen, which has been redesigned to emulate the look and feel of the LCD on the ‘bigger-brother' Sekonic L-358 flash meter. Exposure data and related information is displayed using large type and easy-to-read icons. At ISO 100 ambient light can be read over an EV range of 0 to 19.9 in both incident and reflected mode. Flash exposures are displayed from f/1.4 to f/90.9 (or about f/124). ISO sensitivity is set from 3 to 8000 in third-stop increments. For cinema applications, the L-308S can be programmed to display exposure times from 8 to 128 frames-per-second.

The Sekonic L-308S FLASHMATE comes with a Lumidisc (with pouch), a soft case, strap, synchro terminal cap and a AA battery .

Type Digital exposure meter for ambient and flash light
Light receiving method Incident light and reflected light
Incident light Convertible to flat diffuser (Lumisphere slides to expose Lumidisc)
Reflected light Light receiving angle 40° (Lumigrid)
Light receptor element Silicon photo diode
Metering modes
Ambient light Shutter priority metering EV metering
Flash With synchro cord
Without synchro cord
Measuring Range (ISO 100)
Ambient light Incident light: EV 0 to EV 19.9
Reflected light: EV 0 to EV 19.9 (with 40? Lumigrid)
Flash Incident light: f/1.4 to f/90.9 (approx. f/124)
Reflected light: f/1.4 to f/90.9 (approx. f/124) with 40° Lumigrid
Repeat Accuracy +/- 0.1 EV or less
Calibration Constant Incident light metering: Lumisphere C = 340; Lumidisc C = 250
Reflected light metering: K = 12.5
Display Range
Film speed ISO 3 to 8000 (in 1/3 steps)
Shutter Speeds Ambient light: 60 sec
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Sekonic L308s

Sekonic L308s


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