Pick up a Billingham and you will notice the way it just feels right and moulds to your body. That indefinable something is only made possible by their passion for quality and detail.


The Eventer has evolved from one of the very first bags Billingham made, so has a genuine lineage in their history. It features a number of unique, functional and design characteristics allowing the Eventer to turn its hand to whatever task you require at the time: camera bag, briefcase, even overnight luggage.


The 550 was the first production bag Billingham made, and it set the tone and style for all the others. It is still one of the largest in their range, and probably your first choice if you never want to worry about leaving something behind.

Whatever gear you need to carry, the chances are that one of the Hadleys will fit the bill. The range runs from the compact, Hadley Digital to the spacious and aptly named Hadley Large Pro.

5 Series

Our most popular range of bags, the 5 Series is unmistakably Billingham. Classic, well thought-through design and hand crafted quality. The 225, 335, 445 and the 555 all share the same features, only their size varies, so whether you are carrying 1 or 3 SLRs plus extra lenses and flash, there is almost certainly a 5 Series that will do the job.

fStop Series

When we designed the fStops, we purposely kept them relatively compact, but included some of the useful design cues you would normally find on our larger bags. The idea was to give you space with a very high level of adaptability. Both offer identical features and share the same distinctive appearance.

Billingham 335 Bag

Billingham 335 Bag


Billingham 445 Bag

Billingham 445 Bag


Billingham F1.4 Bag

The distinctive 7 Series with its contoured main flap and Press Top easy access system is available in three sizes: the 107, 207 and 307. They all provide excellent protection from dust, rain and snow. The 7 Series is exclusively made in FibreNyte which has the look and feel of canvas.

Billingham 107 Bag

Billingham 107 Bag



One of our original - and still most popular bags - the spacious Packington is also one of our largest, so you can safely fit a useful amount of kit into it and still have room for a change of clothes. Many Packington buyers find they are perfect for their medium format camera gear or audio visual equipment. Others don't use them as camera bags at all, they just love the look of them - and naturally, that's fine with us!


Sometimes when travelling, you can have too many places to put all the important things like tickets, passports, boarding passes, so that when you need them, you can never find them – that’s when the Stowaways really come into their own. In addition to being ideal for carrying small compact or mirror-less cameras, they are fantastic travel organisers, so you can keep all your vital stuff in one place.


Billingham Tablet Slip
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